SPPS Community Education team

Each year on the second Thursday of November, National Community Education Day is celebrated. This is a great opportunity to honor and highlight the achievements, hard work, and dedication Saint Peter Community and Family Education puts into this community.

Tami Skinner, director of Family and Community Education, is a key component of this district, and she and her staff provide great opportunities for all ages!  

“Community and Family Education offers programming and events for people of all ages,” Skinner said. “Our programs include Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), School Readiness Preschool, Youth Enrichment, Saints Overtime Childcare, Aquatics, Adult Enrichment, and Adult Basic Education.”

The programs offered are not only beneficial opportunities but rewarding ones. Younger ages needing childcare are taken care of, older adults wanting extra learning opportunities are accounted for, and even classes to help prepare students for school are included. School is more than just homework and tests, it’s about the connections with classmates, the passions discovered, and the memories that last. Students grow and develop through their time at school, community education makes it possible to provide more!

For more information on Saint Peter Community and Family Education opportunities please click HERE!

PICTURED ABOVE, the Saint Peter Community Education team provides programming and events for people of all ages.  For more photos of activities/events put on by Community Education please see the Saint Peter Public Schools Facebook page by clicking this LINK!