Andrew Smith

SPMS is excited to welcome our new ELL teacher, Andrew Smith!

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Ayan Musse

Saints Nation is excited to welcome to our new Coordinator of the Office of Education Equity, Ayan Musse!

- Ayan Musse

Ariana Bealey

Welcome new 5th/6th grade art teacher Ariana Bealey!

- Ariana Bealey

Wes Heiser

Welcome to Saints Nation new Special Ed teacher Wes Heiser!

- Wes Heiser

Kinsey Irvin

SPMS is excited to welcome 7th/8th grade science teacher Kinsey Irvin!

- Kinsey Irvin

Mary Tobar

SPMS welcomes new 5th grade PhyEd teacher Mary Tobar!

- Mary Tobar

Melise Baumgarn

Welcome Melise Baumgarn to Saints Nation as our new SPMS 7th/8th grade Art teacher!

- Melise Baumgarn

Kylie Kuhlman

Welcome to our new SPMS Social Worker Kylie Kuhlman!

- Kylie Kuhlman

Stephanie Evans

SPMS welcomes our new 7th/8th grade Math teacher, Stephanie Evans!

- Stephanie Evans

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