Band Competition

Saint Peter High School band students and Director David Haugh spent the day at Gustavus competing with various small groups, ensembles, duets and solo pieces.   The Minnesota State High School league hosted students from all over southern Minnesota for the spring music contest.  Students were judged on a variety of technical skills, musicality, and overall performance. 

The top award, Superior, went to:   

The SPHS Jazz Band 
Solo - Senior Elodie DeVos
Solo - Senior Ian Gerstbauer
Duet - Seniors David Marlow and Evan Deshayes 
The Percussion Ensemble (Pictured below)

Superior Rating for Percussion Ensemble

Superior Rating Duet with Evan Deshayes and David MarlowExcellent Award went to:

Clarinet Quartet with Sada Harmes, Allie Dent, Sarah Heins, and Emily Heins
Sophomore Trumpet Quartet with Carl Jenkins, Michael Thompson, Ezekiel Ribar, and Kaiser Hagen
Mixed Brass Quartet with David Marlow, Elodie DeVos, Roan Gerstbauer, and Alex Bur
Flute Duet with Afrah Daidzic and Amelia Staples

Representing SPHS today were:  Ian Gerstbauer, Elodie DeVos, Sophia Grigsby, Lucas Hickey, Evan Deshayes, Elijah Cherland-Narum, Alex Bur, Roan Gerstbauer, Liam Schloesser, Izzy Avant, David Marlow, Grace Tollefson, Amelia Hildebrant, Elliot Schrumpf, Kaiser Hagen, Ezekiel Ribar, Carl Jenkins, Eli Stoll, Tobias Twait, Callum Harmes, Amelia Staples, Afrah Daidzic, Eleanor Kennedy, Griffin Morgan, Annika Magelee, Emily Deshayes, Lathe Bly, Ethan Borowy, Sada Harmes, Raina Roemhildt, Gabe Zayas, Claire Meyer, Malcolm McHugh, Michael Thompson, June Elias