Saint Peter High School students have come together to form Project 4 Teens (P4T).  This mentoring program pairs older teens with younger teens to talk about various topics, such as peer pressure, safe sex, abstinence, drugs and alcohol, bullying, and body image. Today the message focused on empowering students to speak up and not be a bystander but a 'Upstander'.  The P4T group comes to the middle school once a month with a new message.   You can find more information on P4T on our website at P4T

Saint Peter High School teens that are participating this month are:

Claire Meyer, Erica Gullickson, Kevin Castaneda, Izzy Johnson, Taylor Southard, Natalie Petersen, Hailey Looft, Sam Stuewe, Allie Dent, Hadley Stuehrenberg, Annika Southworth, Najma Jamac, Caitlin Yauger, Sophia Ruffing, Rae Lyle, Piper Ruble, Kaiden Brovold, William Davis, Luke Gilbertson, Sam Moelter, Rylee Stadick, Tate Olson, Hannah Denzer, Rachel Salfer, Ashton Volk, Eleanor Hughes, Anthony Nicolai, Sarah Haggenmiller, Emmy Remmert, Nora Whipps, David Marlow, Paige Wachal, Farhiya Garad, Amelia Hildebrandt, Callie Voeltz, Isabeau Fuller, Raina Roemhildt, Olivia Seys, Jose Romero, Abdiel Parras Jr., Rhyan Holmgren, Isabelle Mish and SPHS Advisor Amanda Rodning