SPHS Shining Saints

Pictured above are SPHS’s first quarter Shining Saints Award winners which include: front row (l to r) Gabe Franklin, Nobras SayidNour, Karen Bocagnegra, Alexa Juarez, Kyla Yost, and Nico Lopez; back row, Mackenna Holtz, Mahat Ali, Ella Osborn, Alyia Bice, and Victor Romero. Not pictured are Nicole Sinning, Hailee Guth and Rhylea Boswell.

A group of 14 Saint Peter High School students were recognized earlier today (Tuesday) as the Shining Saints award winners for the first quarter of the 2022-23 school year. Those students were honored at a breakfast reception put on by SPHS's PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) committee which sponsors the program.

The purpose of this program is to recognize the various accomplishments of students within our classrooms and school. Students are nominated by teachers within a department and accompanied by a designated teacher at a breakfast awards program. The suggested list of award criteria includes:  effort, motivation, academic achievement, initiative, creativity, service to the classroom or community, character, or lives with integrity. 

The following is the list of the first quarter Shining Saints (student's grade) followed by the teacher who nominated them:

Karen Bocanegra (12th) - Vander Linden
Ella Osbourne (12th) - Eva Hendrickson
Nicole Sinning (12th) - Amanda Blue
Alyia Bice (12th) - Carmen Hanson
Nobras SayidNour (12th) - Bri Bergstrom
Victor Romero (11th) - Eva Hendrickson
Hailee Guth (11th) - Jen Koehler-Sandborg
Rhylea Boswell (10th) - Andy Vander Linden and Jenny Curtis
Alexa Juarez (10th) - Andy Vander Linden
Mahat Ali (10th) - Dani Roehkasse
Nico Lopez (10th) - Dani Roehrkasse/Amanda Rodning
Gabe Franklin (10th) - Dani Roehrkasse
Mackenna Holtz (9th) - Gena Lilienthal
Kyla Yost (9th) - Gena Lilienthal