SPHS Indigenous Peoples' Joy Day

Saint Peter High School is proud to announce Indigenous Peoples' Joy Day on November 17, a day dedicated to honoring Indigenous peoples' rich heritage, culture, and contributions. Under the powerful slogan, "We're still here," the event promises to be a vibrant acknowledgment of the enduring spirit and ongoing presence of Native American communities in Minnesota.

The day, which is sponsored by the Saint Peter Good Neighbor Diversity Council, will include a series of educational and cultural events, including a traditional tipi-raising demonstration, a Native American meal prepared by our very own culinary staff, and a lineup of esteemed speakers from across the state. These speakers will cover a range of topics, from the significance of Indigenous traditions to contemporary achievements and challenges faced by Native American communities.

Event Highlights:

● Tipi-Raising Ceremony: Witness the intricate process of raising a tipi, an enduring symbol of
Indigenous ingenuity and family life.
● Culinary Delights: Enjoy a specially curated lunch menu featuring traditional Native American
dishes-- offering a taste of the diverse culinary landscapes of Indigenous America.
● Guest Speakers: Hear from a diverse group of Native American voices, including historians,
activists, artists, and community leaders who will share their knowledge and stories.

When John Warren, SPHS teacher from White Earth Band of the Ojibwe Tribe, was asked, “Why is this day important?," He said, “I think it signifies our school district recognizing and honoring Indigenous culture and giving our students a chance to be exposed to the joy of Indigenous culture.”

Saint Peter High School is committed to fostering an educational environment that respects and promotes an understanding of cultural diversity and heritage. We believe in the power of education to bridge gaps and build a community that values the contributions of all its members.

For more information please see the accompanying flyer or contact either John Warren at jwarren@stpeterschools.org or SPHS Principal Annette Engeldinger at aengeldinger@stpeterschool.org.