Cultural liaison speaker at SPHS

As part of a National Hispanic Heritage Month classroom activity, Saint Peter Public Schools’ Cultural Liaison Liliana Figueroa spoke to Amanda Blue’s Child & Lifespan Development classes at Saint Peter High School earlier this week about family structure in Hispanic families.

“What I like most is the discoveries I make of myself in the process of preparing for the presentations,” Figueroa said. “They take me back to my roots and I value the cultural differences that have made me the person I am today. I thrive on every interaction and really enjoy the relationship-building with the students. The willingness the students demonstrated to listen and learn about my cultural experiences was also amazing.

“Communication is the backbone of our society and I appreciate the opportunity that Mrs. Blue gave me to present my experiences with younger people. I am hopeful that this will  enhance their understanding of other cultures and will allow students to connect with each other.” 

"Both classes really enjoyed Liliana’s presentation and the students responded well afterward by asking her a lot of good questions," Blue said. "I try to have guest speakers or field trips whenever it's possible. The last few years have really slowed that practice down though, so I'm trying to ramp it back up.”

Liliana Figueroa, a cultural liaison at SPPS, spoke to SPHS Child & Lifespan students recently about Hispanic family structure.