South's Promoting Respect Workshop

Anna Wencl and William Durbahn, along with other presenters from the Greater Mankato Diversity Council, met with some of South Elementary first grade classrooms on Wednesday and Thursday of this week as part of the Council’s “Promoting Respect Workshop.”

The purpose of the workshop is to help first graders understand uniqueness and diversity. Prior to the workshop, students were asked to read the popular children’s book, “What I Like About Me,” written by Allia Zobel Nolan. Presenters included a brief discussion about that book in their workshop sessions. 

For more information about the Greater Mankato Diversity Council please check out the following link →

Above is a photo of Anna Wencl & William Durbahn of the Greater Mankato Diversity Council meeting with Mrs. Minks' first graders and below those two present the workshop session with Mrs. Elverum's class.